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Change your Mind, Change your World

March 28, 2007

Your world begins in your mind… what comes in your mind is the way you shape your world..

How do you want to shape your world?

A Time for Excellence…

March 28, 2007

For more than 16 years as a speaker, trainer and consultant, I have encountered plenty of interesting incidents and stories from my seminars and daily life. Some are funny, some sad while others make you reflect and think.

I have always written down these thoughts on paper and in my notebook. They have now piled up, stacked against each other and perhaps awaiting the erosion effect to disintegrate the yellowed papers. Not only is it now a time for excellence, its also a time for me to transfer some of these ideas, learnings and lessons unto my blog.

Hence, this blog, Excel Beyond Excellence!, serves as a collection of my various learnings and reflection over all these 16 years and more. A site that is dedicated towards sharing about personal growth and professional excellence in various areas of our lives.

Enjoy reading…