The ‘Drama Mommas’ of Our Lives

Throughout the different phases of our lives, we face various challenges and conflicts. We have those rare few that face them calmly, and a fair bit of those who make a big drama out of it. As I was watching the movies that played out on the screen, a thought came to mind, “How do real people handle the crisis that unfold?”

Will it be as dramatic as the actors and actresses?

Will they be numb to it?

Or will they learn to keep the cool and make the best of it?

The first group will want to make a big hoo-haa and create the drama, that their ‘sufferings’ be spread and their pains be felt by those around them. You can hear their wailing miles away and those screeching takes the life of out of you. They are the “Drama Mommas” (its just rhymes, nothing to do with genders.)

The second group has grown and learn to accept such life tragedies and no longer want to feel anything about it. They grow numb to life’s joy and sadness, becoming ‘dead to the world’. Say hello to the “Zombies”. Its okay, they won’t hear you anyway.

The last group recognizes that such life events are inevitable and discovers that no matter how bad the situations are, there are ways to make the best use of that as a challenge. They adapt and adopt what work, discarding what has presented as obstacles and sought to push ahead. They keep learning and growing from those experience. The “Excellors” constantly sought to excel beyond excellence.

The next time a crisis pops up unexepectly and seems to hurt, which category will you fall in?

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