The Art of Brushing Your Teeth

Many of us view brushing our teeth as a daily routine and it is often taken for granted. Nobody thinks much about it anymore.

“What’s the big deal about brushing your teeth anyway? Its nothing!” so they say.

Do you remember that it was SOMETHING before it became NOTHING? .. before you learn how to brush it, it was something we had to practise for a while, be it at home or in school.

When we were young, and I mean really young, brushing your teeth was, in a way, a monumental task. Perhaps we envied the adults as we observed how proficient they were at brushing, perhaps we grappled with the right way to brush our teeth. No matter what, brushing our teeth was something we had to learn in order to do well… we had to start with something.

However, just think, if you can now brush your teeth with excellence, you can transfer that excellence in brushing teeth unto whatever task or goals you intend to accomplish.

It was something which we did not first know when we were born, yet we can do it now effortlessly. The strategies are yet so similiar to other things we do in life. In what way?

Firstly, do you remember the real purpose of brushing your teeth?

Are you able to now recall the steps and techniques of brushing your teeth.

Even more so, are the brushes on your toothbrush still upstanding and not furry and the toothpaste of a suitable kind?

Owing to the hurried pace of life, many people brush their teeth as a way of just ensuring they have gone through the “morning ritual”. Be it well done or not. In short, these people have lost sight of their reason for brushing.

1) Therefore, you start with the Purpose of brushing your teeth. Just in case, anyone has forgotten, it is: To keep your teeth clean from dirt and prevent tooth decay.

2) Next, you get yourself the Tools for brushing: the toothbrush, toothpaste and of course, your teeth.

3) Put the tools to right use, no point getting them and not using, leaving it in the closet. Its a waste of money.

4) Apply the techniques to the tools, in short, the steps of brushing your teeth properly.

5) What did your own dentist say? Was it to begin with the molars first and brush 5 times or to begin from the inner side of the back teeth? Well, someone will have to either teach or inspire you, isn’t it?

Whatever the techniques are, so long as they work to get your teeth cleaned.

6) Feel your teeth and check that it is done to your satisfaction. If not, find out why, re-brush or brush it in another way. Do it more or do it different.

7) Repeat the procedures, brush your teeth daily to get your teeth cleaned.

Translated to accomplishing your goals, they are:

1) Know your Purpose.

2) Get the Tools to fulfill your purpose.

3) Use the tools.

4) Apply the Techniques and steps neccessary.

5) Learn from a Mentor, coach or teacher.

6) Evaluate the Results. Are you there yet? If not, do it more or do it differently?

7) Repeat regularly and you will be on your way to Excel Beyond Excellence!

Taking the 7 key points:

Purpose, Tools, Use, Techniques, Mentor, Results, Repeat.

Now apply these points to whatever task you intend to achieve. Remember, if you can brush your teeth will excellence, then you can also accomplish tasks with excellence!

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