Being a Fool…

April Fool’s Day originally started as a festival in Europe, a day filled with practical jokes, some are minor while others lead to embarrassment. It is there to get people to lighten up and have some amusement.

I wouldn’t be suprised if nobody wants to be an April Fool, but what if you are already at the receiving end of a joke, a hoax or a con? Well, then its better to learn from it and be sharper the next time round. Laugh about it and let it go, but always learn from it.

It also leads me to reflect on the observation that many people in this culture seem to rather keep quiet for fear of embarrassment than to ask or clarify. Hence they remain to not be in the know for a long time.

The saying “If you ask, you are a fool for 5 mins. If you don’t, you are a fool for life.” reminds us to just relax. It encourages us to make enquires whenever we need those information, rather than to “act smart” while we don’t know and cause problems to escalate.

It highlights on our ability to keep learning and improving despite those inner voices that scream, “Don’t ask!”. At least after that moment of ‘foolishness’, we gain new knowledge and understanding, we emerge a better person.

So sometimes its really ok to be a fool for a day, an April Fool, just make sure you’re not being a fool for the rest of the days.

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