What Happens if You are Blind?

I’ve always thought about the different situations mankind will have to face, not only the natural disasters but also life’s challenges. One of the questions that I did contemplate before is… what happens if I am blind? What can I do from then on? How will I survive in life?

Granted its a thought few want to dabble in, but for me, its something that I will approach with reverence and reflection. To me, being blind shapes a certain unique way of looking (no pun intended) at the world and at life.

Is it truly darkness? Pitch black? Multi-colored or just plain nothingness. Is there a difference between the natural-born visual handicapped and those that had seen the world previously?

These are questions no one can claim to have the ultimate answer because nobody truly knows. We will never fully know the world of others.

For me, I have honed my other senses over the many years to improve their sensitivity: my hearing, sense of touch, smell and taste. Whether I still have my visuals or not, I can still rely on my other senses for aid. The less you have, the more you need to keep the faith and focus to rely on what you still have.

What is most interesting and unexpected is that as I work on my senses is that my mental capability has also improved. Some of the improvements include the imaginative and creative powers, the ability to remain centered and focused, read faster and processing my thoughts quicker with better reflexes.

Life teaches us and presents us with different challenges with turn of events. I just want to be equipped to face up to as many of them as possible.

The point is if things happen to us, are we prepared to deal with them and are we equipped to handle the challenges?


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