Why are You Sad to Go to School?

Just overheard on the radio that a listener called in to say that she is very sad because she has to go back to school tomorrow. Its Monday.

Unfortunately this is hardly an uncommon feeling for most students…

Just a thought, if school is a place for learning, and one is going back to learn even more, why would a person be sad about going to school?

The reason is because either one does not like to learn or the place does not serve the learning function well for that person.

It takes both sides to make learning an enjoying experience. The school must constantly strive to make learning more interesting and fun for students, while the students must appreciate the beauty of discovery and joys of learning.

Whenever I do consultation for the schools, I will put this idea into perspective that we have a responsibility to ensure an interesting session for the students, meanwhile the students must play their part too. Hence the school management and I will work on the different ways and techniques to make learning interesting for students so that they will ‘not be sad’ to come to school.

As a student, I’ve always enjoyed going to school, new things to explore and discover… even if my homework is not really done or the sleepy cobwebs are still in my brain. (a confession). Put the passion in learning and nothing will get in your way of enlightened knowledge.

Tomorrow I will be conducting a two day Leadership training for the management leaders from different schools, lets see how we can work more on this concept of learning… 🙂

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