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The Trouble with Trouble

April 2, 2007

“The trouble with trouble is that its troubling.”

A better question is: “Why do you even allow trouble to trouble you?”

Now this puts you in control. Trouble does not really have to trouble you unless you let it.

Remember the other perspective.

The Other Perspective

April 2, 2007

Events are inevitable. No matter you like it or not, they are going to happen anyway. Some are prevented by you, some are brought on by you while the rest will just happen inspite of you.

What is more likely to happen is that one emotionally tends to react to them. In a general sense, the emotions and perspectives are either towards the positive side or the negative end. This in turn affects our happiness and joy of living.

In short, we usually look at things from our own perspective and then emotionally react to it.

An event that happens always allows you at least two perspectives. It can be seen from even more points of view if you allow yourself to be flexible enough.

Its like both sides of a coin. Same coin, just head or tail.

If one perspective makes you upset or frustrated, then look at it from the opposite side, the other perspective. You can always find out what are the good that results from that event instead of focusing on the bad.

But someone will scream, “But I don’t see anything good out of it!!!”

Then, my friend, is your lack of flexibility to see the other perspective, not the lack of perspectives. The other perspective is always there.

The real reason why someone continues to be upset over an event is because he is not flexible enough to see or understand the other perspective.

Then perhaps its time he gets some flexibility and perspective training.

After all, an event is just an event.