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Watch Your Foundation

April 4, 2007

There are times when people tried to learn something, take on a new task or motivate themselves but everything simply come to a halt. No progress, no cheese, no oomph and no cigar. They can claim to go for lessons, persistently do the ‘homework’ and yet nothing happens.

“What’s wrong then?” They scratched their heads and asked.

I say, “Watch your foundation.”

The foundation is the basic building block of any skills or any competency. It is the most simple yet the most profound to build. It needs a cement to hold them together, the cement of attitude and mindset.

It is only with the proper attitude and mindset that the foundation will hold.

Often enough, challenges of life will rain on it, thunders of crisis will attempt to crack it and lightnings of pain will want to loosen it. If your foundation is not firm, it will easily form faults and nothing you attempt to pile on will be firm. They come lose easily.

Hence, return to your roots and watch your foundation. It must remain firm. If it shows any crack and starts to waver, re-plaster it again… with your improved attitude and mindset.

Always watch your foundation.

The Honeymoon Period

April 4, 2007

At the initiation phase when a guy gets together with a girl, they usually exhibit the ‘lovey dovey’ behavior. Public affections, little whispers, and mushy talks can be noted sporadically… wait… cross that out… can be noted ultra frequently.

To others, its the usual comments of “Oh, it’s just the honeymoon period. It’ll be over soon.”

Does it have to be over soon??!! Really??

While it’s true that relationships do go through certain cycles, it does not imply that the joy and love will have to end or diminish. It simply means that sometimes the relationship goes through a transformation and brings new and additional emotions to the table.

Ever thought of how you can extend that lovey dovey primetime to be longer than before?

Here are a few of the many quick tips to help your partner and you keep to that honeymoon period:

1)  Remember how both of you first fell in love? Talk to each other about it…

2)  Revisit that special place that have purposeful meanings ONLY for both of you (that means nothing to do with your ex.)

3)  Recollect the things, toys and food that both of you like and play with them. (whatever your mind fancies)

4)  Remove work or school from your mind for a day… and get together to vegetate and grow roots!

OK, remember to send me the postcards and photos from your honeymoon holidays!

Thinking about Thinking

April 4, 2007

Just think, if we are thinking about thinking then can we not think about the first thinking as we think about thinking?

Just a thought.

The World Started with An Idea

April 4, 2007

If we can trace back the beginning of everything that has ever been invented, discovered or developed, we will realize that everything started with an idea.

The things around us, the technologies, the transport systems, industries, buildings, tools and equipment, fashions, festivals, cultures and customs, money and wealth, systems and processes or even relationships, all of these were first just an idea in the mind of someone, infused in others and brought to fruitation.

An idea can bring about the rise of a kingdom and can accelerate the downfall of an empire. It can cause people to quiver with anxiety or give them sleepless nights of excitement.

People are filled with ideas, they do… because people can think. Unfortunately, a lot of people also dismiss a positive idea with many negative ideas. The positive idea often became a ‘stillborn’, buried before it could even exist.

Nonetheless, ideas do make a difference and can contribute to changes. After all, the world started with an idea.

Never discount the value of an idea.