The World Started with An Idea

If we can trace back the beginning of everything that has ever been invented, discovered or developed, we will realize that everything started with an idea.

The things around us, the technologies, the transport systems, industries, buildings, tools and equipment, fashions, festivals, cultures and customs, money and wealth, systems and processes or even relationships, all of these were first just an idea in the mind of someone, infused in others and brought to fruitation.

An idea can bring about the rise of a kingdom and can accelerate the downfall of an empire. It can cause people to quiver with anxiety or give them sleepless nights of excitement.

People are filled with ideas, they do… because people can think. Unfortunately, a lot of people also dismiss a positive idea with many negative ideas. The positive idea often became a ‘stillborn’, buried before it could even exist.

Nonetheless, ideas do make a difference and can contribute to changes. After all, the world started with an idea.

Never discount the value of an idea.

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