Watch Your Foundation

There are times when people tried to learn something, take on a new task or motivate themselves but everything simply come to a halt. No progress, no cheese, no oomph and no cigar. They can claim to go for lessons, persistently do the ‘homework’ and yet nothing happens.

“What’s wrong then?” They scratched their heads and asked.

I say, “Watch your foundation.”

The foundation is the basic building block of any skills or any competency. It is the most simple yet the most profound to build. It needs a cement to hold them together, the cement of attitude and mindset.

It is only with the proper attitude and mindset that the foundation will hold.

Often enough, challenges of life will rain on it, thunders of crisis will attempt to crack it and lightnings of pain will want to loosen it. If your foundation is not firm, it will easily form faults and nothing you attempt to pile on will be firm. They come lose easily.

Hence, return to your roots and watch your foundation. It must remain firm. If it shows any crack and starts to waver, re-plaster it again… with your improved attitude and mindset.

Always watch your foundation.

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