The Courage of The Crab

As a large place of chili crab was served and placed on my table, I couldn’t help but contemplate on the life of the crab before me…

Crabs are fierce creatures. When they were first born, their shells were soft. You can easily make a dent by just pushing the outer cover of the shell. However, they soon eat enough nourishment to develop a tough exterior.

The entire body is one hard piece of armour that will challenge the strength of your teeth, should you attempt to feast on them by cracking the shell. Watch out for the sharp pricky edges too.

My favourite piece of the chili crab is the claws, or some will call it, “the gong”. Within the two gongs hold the juiciest, thickest and fleshiest part of the crab’s meat. You can crack them open after much effort and fish out the entire flesh unscattered if you are skillful enough.

Yet, it has been the defence device of the crab, its primary weapon against invasion and would be predators, like the homo sapiens. Over the lifetime of the crab, it also constantly use its claws to attack its intended prey for food. Then the attacker becomes the defender until it meets its untimely end… in the hot, frying wok.

Drenched in the appetizing chili gravy with egg after being cooked, the crab is ready for consumption. Its final moments must be something it might have expected. Its companions in the tank must have told him about it. An old legend they say in the crab tribe… that a crab captured by a creature with two legs are usually given the fiery test of survival, and none will pass it.

But the crab will not go down (the wok) without a fight. Released of the raffia string that tied its claws, it will attempt to inflict pain unto its captor with the best way it knows how… using its claws to clam. Try putting your finger near the claws of an untied crab and I assure you it will be such a tight crunching lesson you will never forget. (pun unintended)

Cooking a crab can be a struggle, the cook must be cautious, the crab will be carnivorous. Its all about luxurious living (and eating) for the diner, but its about life and death for the crab.

The crab will never give up fighting. No… no way its going to give up.

Yet, many human beings do give up. Without a raffia string to tie them up, they visualize being tied up by one instead. The self-imagined knots are so well knotted that not even the person himself knows how to untie them. All he knows is to cry out and wail, “I can’t…”

Unlike the crab that will fight and attack even in the last millisecond, many people have accepted their fate long, long ago. They acknowledge the way their life will be eversince adolescence and young adulthood, and then spend the rest of the half century of their lives justifying and manifesting it. So towards the end of their lives, when its time for the wok, oops, the box, they quietly ascend to it.

As I finish up the plate of chili crab, I not only thank it for fulfilling my hunger, I also thank it for showing me its courage that it did not go down without a fight. At least, after eating, I take assurance that its courage is in me.

Do we dare to live life with the courage of the crab?

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