Its Never Enough

Talking about all the things we want, the money, the love, the ability to buy anything, the respect, its never enough. We constantly want more of them. We keep dreaming of having them increasingly and exponentially.

But when it comes to paying the price for them, working for them and taking action to achieve them, we often pause and say, “There, that’s enough.”

Oh well, if that limited action will bring unlimited fulfilled desires, tell me about it. Would like to know how did you achieve it.

My friend, if our desires are never enough, then our current effort will never be enough. It takes constant improvement, consistent action and consecutive implementation.

Thats why being excellent is sometimes never enough. We have to excel beyond it.

Because life will change and things will happen, therefore whatever you are already doing that works, do it more. Whatever you are learning well, learn even more. Just as you will never stop breathing, eating, or drinking, you should never stop improving and living.

Continue to excel, my friend.

In fact, be beyond excellence, for its never enough.

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