The Dating Experience

Many people are very much in a frantic when it comes to planning a date, especially the first date. They start to wonder where should they go, how shall they get there, what to do there, and how much money and time should they spend.

“When and where do we meet?”

“What shall I wear? Do I look good?”

“Shall I book the restuarant first? Will it be italian, french, korean or japanese?”

“Do I give her flowers? What type of flowers shall I give? How many stalks?”

“Is the movie going to be nice? What if he doesn’t like it”

“When do I pick her up? Shall I send her home?”

“Do I have enough money to spend on the date? What if I overspend?”

At times, it comes to a point where dating becomes a stressful and pressurizing experience rather than what it is meant to be. The joy of being with someone.

Some attempt to follow through a fixed date planning template that it becomes overly mechanical, taking the budget and expenditure into account. The date hence becomes a quota to fill and peppered with key performance indicators.

Now, how exciting is that?

A much better way to have a date is not to be bogged down on all these nitty-gritty of the date. You should focus on the quality of the date. The real essence of the dating experience.

Be more ready to share and appreciate each other’s presence. Establish that emotional connection rather than the financial tabulation. After all, dating is a really relationship building opportunity, not an event sampling of how much you can afford.

Now this is not to say that money does not play a part. Its just not as important in dating as what many people alleviate it to be. Remember, in dating money spent does not equate to deep quality of the relationship.

While money and the buying of the luxurious places can help, emphasizing on them primarily does cast a sense of superficiality to your precious dating event.

Instead, focus on the quality, the connection and the relation with your partner. You will find that the other peripherals will fall into place.

So the next time you are with your partner, what kind of dating experience will you create with that person?

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3 Comments on “The Dating Experience”

  1. Anne Says:

    Being together is about romancing each other everyday in your life.

    You can do simple little things and it would be so magical because you are with that special some one. But to be able to create that extra element of surprise and excitement through introducing some simple twist and change could make that simple romantic date much more memorable.

    Perhaps you could dazzle your special someone with a flower when she least expects or watch with him the action movie that he least expects you to watch.

    Preparing for a date should not be a chore, because it is for that special someone that you love. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience because it is about her or him, and us together.

  2. Gary Says:

    Agreed. While place, location and any other technicalities are important, the primary focus should be on the other person! Everything else should faciliate the primary focus of “shar(ing) and appreciat(ing) each other’s presence”.


  3. Andy_Green Says:

    I agree too. Anyway, I still haven’t come to a conclusion about my own experiences, and I’m no matchmaker, but my roommate has a friend who suggested another site

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