The 10 Successful Qualities of Team Power

Never underestimate the power of a team. When people are gathered in likemindedness, they are a potent force. One not to be reckoned with. They have far greater constructive or destructive power than an individual.

As I coached, trained and studied teams in action, they exhibited different sets of tendencies between the more successful team and the less effective ones. Hence, marking a real difference in teams that excel beyond excellence.

The successful teams have the following key power qualities:

1.) They think in single mindedness. (even after conflicts)

2.) They believe and commit to the purpose of their cause.

3.) They fully agree with the structure of the team and put the team above individual.

4.) They trust and emotionally and mentally connect with everyone in the team. They watch each other’s back and look out for each other.

5.) They agree to disagree in the midst of working together. Conflicts and problems never seperate them. Instead, they unite them.

6.) They are leaders who build leaders.

7.) They are individually of uprightness and of integrity.

8.) They communicate and update each other regularly.

9.) They build relationship together over time.

10.) They ultimately create unified growth as a group.

As group gathers and teams are formed, varying tactics have to be employed to ensure team power. An effective team leader will also design different strategies to enhance and build in the above power qualities into the team.

Next time when you are leading a team or being a member of a team, look out for the above characteristics in your team. These are quality indications of the success of team power.

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