When Going Crazy Helps…

Generally people have this notion that being crazy is bad or it must mean you are medically unsound.

WITHIN the context of SANITY, being crazy once in a while does have its own benefits. šŸ™‚

Going crazy helps…

… when you don’t want to be limited by rules or traditional procedures.

… when you really need to break mindsets and create new ones.

… when challenges and ‘problems’ are so new and overwhelming that you have never encounter it before.

… when you feel trapped, couped up and stressed.

… when you want to be creative and innovative.

… when you want a change of pace and structure.

… when you need to get things going otherwise they risk being stagnated or going nowhere.

… when you need to do things in a totally different way.

… when you need a break and release of energy.

… when your body and mind (and soul) need it.

… when you just feel like having fun.

… when you want to appreciate life in the other extreme.

… when you want to excel beyond excellence.

(Just a caution, going crazy doesn’t help when you can’t help it.)

Best wishes for your ‘crazy’ journey in life. 8)

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