Of Needs and Wants: Discovering Your Achievement And Excellence

People often ask me, “Wekie, why the need to do this? Why can’t I do what I want?”

My reply is often, “Do you want to achieve this? If you really want to accomplish this particular goal, do you need to do this? Do you then still want to achieve this?”

From my point of view, in a layman’s term, a need is something that must be done no matter what, irregardless of whether you like doing it or not. If it needs to be done, it needs to be done. No questions asked, no complaints filed, no whinning about it. Emotions free.

On the other hand, a want is something that you put emotional preference into, meaning you like to do it or like to have it. If you love it passionately and completely, better still. If you dedicate your whole life, heart and soul into it, kudos to you.

Please note that both are taken with respect to your chosen goals and aims, hence the context can change.

Therefore, the Structure of Action and Achievement is:

Want —> Need —> Want —> Need

Translated into questions, they become:

1) What do you want to accomplish?

2) What do you need to do in order to accomplish this?

3) Do you want to make it better? In what way?

4) What do you need to do to make it better?

If this structure is applied consistently, the results of achievement and success becomes immensely fast and effective.

Hence, starting the Loop of Achievement:

“A success begets another success. Another success begets a greater success.”

You attain excellence and you go beyond that, consistently excelling more than before, faster than previous, better than ever.

Now you know why I call this site “Excel Beyond Excellence“.

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