The Art of Clear Communication

In the midst of your communication with someone or the audience, some of the meanings are intended by you while many others can easily be misconstruded or misunderstood.

A raising of voice could be interpreted as an excitment or a rude attitude.

If you answer quickly to a topic, your receiver may get the idea that either you are well prepared or you may be too hasty in your reply.

On the other hand, a slow deliberate answer might be seen as you are unsure of the knowledge or you are a precise person.

It is just that complicated in communication.

Think of the last time where a well intended remark was seen as a sarcasm or insult. A serious comment was being laughed at on stage. Or even a moment of non-response is interpreted by your other half as a lack of concerned for him/her.

How then do you ensure that your message is delivered as clearly as possible? Here are some pointers to improve the art of communication:

1) Ensure you know your message well.

2) Be confident in your delivery and speech.

3) Project congruence in your speech techniques and dynamics.

4) Make it easy and simple for your audience to get your message.

5) Get your audience to respond and check back with them that they got what you meant.

6) Practice communicating clearly and correctly as often as possible.

While miscommunication and misunderstand do happen from time to time, it is still a responsibility of both parties to continuously work towards better communication and relations.

Get what I mean?

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