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Your First Thought

April 9, 2007

When the alarm clock rings and starts your day, what is your first thought?  What comes to mind first? Is it one of complain and lamentation or one of enthusiasm and excitment?

Is it, “Oh, no… I hate going to work. I’m still so sleepy…”

or “Yippee! Its a great day to get to work. A day to better myself.” 

Needless to say, I think you know what thoughts 99.9982% of people will wake up with…

Your first thought can be a fair predictor and strong influencer for the rest of your day, the quality of your next 23hours 59minutes, the happiness of that day’s life and the fruitfulness of the day’s events.

It immediately affects your perception of the next event that follows, then the next, and so on…

Tomorrow, how would you like your day to be?

Tomorrow when you wake up, what thoughts would you want it to be?

5 Questions To Discover Your Positive People

April 9, 2007

Here are some of the questions to ponder and help you discover the positive people in your live:

1) Who are your positive people?

2) Are they in your life?

3) What are the impact of positive people?

4) How do they affect your emotions and perspectives of life?

5) How I can be positive just like them?

How To Handle Exam Anxiety And Exam Stress?

April 9, 2007

A common experience that happens during examination period.

It’s called exam anxiety and stress.

There are a number of ways to deal with this. Let me share with you some of them:

1. Have a revision plan and stick to it.

2. Watch a funny movie.

3. Take your mind off the exams for the moment. Indulge in your hobbies for a pre-stated time.

4. Chit-chat with a positive and encouraging person.

5. Correct preparation brings confidence. Understand the exams structure, sequence and topics. Know what to expect.

6. Eat the right food and sleep well.

7. Trust yourself and your capability. Insist on this.

Best wishes for your exams!

If You Are Not Happy…

April 9, 2007

The room was set abuzz with laughter and words of greetings, joyful melodious music filled the entire hallway. People were groomed to the best they can, handsome and suave for the men, elegant and graceful for the ladies.

Warm smiles abound. Hugs were given. Outstretched arms welcomed the sight of old friends and new acquaintances alike.

A little baby in a princess dress huddled and wobbled unsteadily across the crowded path of people. Faces lit up as they saw how adorable this little sweetie-pie was. Everyone wanted to hug her, carry her and pinch her cheeks. After all, she was the star of the night. She was born one year ago on this day.

The two level cake was rolled out, it was in the shape of Mickey mouse. The little pixie gazed interestingly at the cake with that of a sweet subtle smile, captivated by the multitude of colors on Mickey. A candle was lit and everyone took in a deep breath in anticipation. Everybody knew what song to sing…

“Damn it!!!”

Instead of an uplifting tone of a happy song, a screeching scream permeated the air and the gigantic venue. The decibels were high, too high to ignore, especially when the pitch was that piercing to the ears.

As the heads of the guests turned toward the far corner of the room, a lady was seen shouting to her partner or to be more precise, her ex-partner, for the last 4 minutes.

“How could you do this to me!”, she screamed again. “After all these years, you… you…” What had contained in her exclamations, was a long list of unspeakables.

The man could tolerate this no longer, his ego bruised and ‘malehood’ insulted. Not being very conversational, he allowed his most brutal instinct to take over.

His respond was one not of words, but of action.

Instantly a patch of redness the size of a palm appeared on the woman’s left cheek. Her earring on the same side shooked so hard that it threatened to dislodge. Mascara ran, completely ruined by her tears. The looks in her eyes were no longer scary, it was scarier. Looks that can consume a man and can literally tear him apart.

She returned the blasting blow to his face, the man staggered a few steps back but was unhurt. Not wanting to make a scene (as if they haven’t already), the man hurriedly dragged the woman by her arms, through the hallway, down the stairs and harshly pushed her to his Honda.

When they drove away, sounds and shouts could still be heard from the retreating vehicle.

The crowd was stunned… including our little princess. She stared at the incident, wide-eyed and totally forgot about Mickey and his colorful costume.

Mommy was wise, she quickly brought princess into her playroom before another round of wailing can start in the hall.

People left the party, one by one… in silence…

No one was happy. Not anymore. Not tonight…

Emotions are infectious. We are all connected by emotions.

If you are not happy, don’t expect others around you to be happy.

The Gifts Within Us

April 9, 2007

At the age of 10, Srinivasa Ramanujan started to devour books of mathematics. Born 1887 and living in Kumbakonam, India, he self-taught and dived himself into the world of numbers and committed to the discoveries of their mysteries. As a child prodigy, he created theorems that grabbed the attention of the academic world of mathematics at that time.

At the University of Cambridge, Ramanujan’s genius was further put to good use and some of his many famous findings and breakthroughs such as Ramanujan theta function, Ramanujan prime and Ramanujan conjecture. They went on to influence future mathematical works. By the time of his death at age 32, he had gone on to expound on almost 3800 theorems that made significant contribution to the world of mathematics.

Granted that not many can produce tons of mathematical theorems and prove the greats like Ramanujan, we still have gifts within us. We conjure up gifts of understanding, of wisdom and of learning. Be it technical or not, large or small, we can still give our gifts like Ramanujan.

Our purpose is to bring these gifts into manifestation, unwrap them and present them to the world so that others may benefit from them… hopefully for generations to come.

Listen to yourself, search within, what are your gifts? And how would you want to benefit others with these gifts?

Move On.

April 9, 2007

One of the common issues with relationships is the ability to move on with life or the lack of it. In typical situations, some are stuck mentally and emotionally with past relationships, unable to let go, much less to venture into a new beginning.

In the silence of the night and quietness of moments, the image of that lost love floats back into the mind. All of a sudden, it happens all over again..

Before long, any attempt at new relationship starts to look and feel like its back to the past. Especially if relationships are abusive or of great distress, one can often feel like he or she is trapped within a vicious cycle of negative relationships. Stuck in it and then returning to square one again.

The fear of stepping out also become so prevalent that it also affect the normal functioning of our daily work and life. I can sometimes notice those sleepless nights of sadness and weariness worn on the faces of some individuals. They had been crying themselves to sleep. Many asked an eternal question of “why?”, only to be greeted with silence.

Actually, there is no real answer to why. Too many factors and variations come into play. Life is designed as such.

The need to move on is real, for life is real. There is still a life ahead despite the memories in the past. One must recognize the difference between the past and the future. The blurring of this line only sets up the potential to fall back into the vicious cycle.

Talking to someone is always a possible option. Just make sure its a right person. Do whatever it takes to move on. Dust away the past to clear the road for the future.

When you encounter a ‘failure’, move on.

If you are ‘dumped’, move on.

If the relationship warrants a new outlet, move on.

If you want to begin another life, move on.

Have a Happy New Life.