Move On.

One of the common issues with relationships is the ability to move on with life or the lack of it. In typical situations, some are stuck mentally and emotionally with past relationships, unable to let go, much less to venture into a new beginning.

In the silence of the night and quietness of moments, the image of that lost love floats back into the mind. All of a sudden, it happens all over again..

Before long, any attempt at new relationship starts to look and feel like its back to the past. Especially if relationships are abusive or of great distress, one can often feel like he or she is trapped within a vicious cycle of negative relationships. Stuck in it and then returning to square one again.

The fear of stepping out also become so prevalent that it also affect the normal functioning of our daily work and life. I can sometimes notice those sleepless nights of sadness and weariness worn on the faces of some individuals. They had been crying themselves to sleep. Many asked an eternal question of “why?”, only to be greeted with silence.

Actually, there is no real answer to why. Too many factors and variations come into play. Life is designed as such.

The need to move on is real, for life is real. There is still a life ahead despite the memories in the past. One must recognize the difference between the past and the future. The blurring of this line only sets up the potential to fall back into the vicious cycle.

Talking to someone is always a possible option. Just make sure its a right person. Do whatever it takes to move on. Dust away the past to clear the road for the future.

When you encounter a ‘failure’, move on.

If you are ‘dumped’, move on.

If the relationship warrants a new outlet, move on.

If you want to begin another life, move on.

Have a Happy New Life.

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