Your First Thought

When the alarm clock rings and starts your day, what is your first thought?  What comes to mind first? Is it one of complain and lamentation or one of enthusiasm and excitment?

Is it, “Oh, no… I hate going to work. I’m still so sleepy…”

or “Yippee! Its a great day to get to work. A day to better myself.” 

Needless to say, I think you know what thoughts 99.9982% of people will wake up with…

Your first thought can be a fair predictor and strong influencer for the rest of your day, the quality of your next 23hours 59minutes, the happiness of that day’s life and the fruitfulness of the day’s events.

It immediately affects your perception of the next event that follows, then the next, and so on…

Tomorrow, how would you like your day to be?

Tomorrow when you wake up, what thoughts would you want it to be?

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