Chit-Chat Charm: How Small Talk Can Mean a Big Thing?

All these years in my DARE (Dating, Attraction and RElationships), sales, negotiation and various communication workshops, I have always emphasized on the importance of small talk.

I call this: Chit-Chat Charm, where you can turn on your charm in the midst of making chit-chats and small talks with people.

In reality, Chit-Chat Charm can make a very big difference in your life, be it personal or professional. Sales are closed, new friends are made, relationships are built and people also get attached.

Hence, your charm in Chit-Chating often become the key factor in achieving certain goals or just simply making life better for yourself.

For example, in my recent communication workshop, a man used some of the Chit-Chat ideas and found a new love relationship, while a lady shared how she used the chit-chat skills she learnt to close a massive sales deal and improved her own family relationships.

In DARE and AAA (Art of Accelerated Attraction), new strategies were shared and new acquaintances were often made, setting the framework for more romance and relationships.

Some of the benefits of using your Chat-Chat Charm include:

1) Increase your rapport and trust for each other

2) Give others a different better opinion

3) Changing mindsets

4) Draw people closer to you

5) Increase your charm and charisma

6) Establish better relationships

7) Expand your social and professional network

Take time to chit-chat with people and friends, make time to create the chance for chit-chat and you can experience an even happier life.

Remember, small talk can truly mean a big thing.

Up your Chit-Chat Charm!

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