Close Your Eyes, What Do You See?

The ironic thing about life is that sometimes we see so many things with our eyes that we lost track of what we really want to see in our lives. The beautiful fashions, the colorful billboards, the moving toys and gadgets may distract us from time to time. We got lost, irritated by the minor incidents, overwhelmed by the glorious mounuments, distracted by the mundane tasks.
Yet, we all need to sometimes move on with our life’s journey… WAIT, what journey??

Where are we going anyway?

Precisely, where are we going? When we don’t even see our destination…

Close your eyes, what do you see?

“Black!” “Darkness!” “Nothing!” someone called out.

Now this exactly brings a case in point: opening our eyes brings us distractions while closing your eyes brings us nothingness.

Then where are we really going? All over the place or nowhere?

Close Your Eyes, Sometimes we see better.

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