“Why Not?!”

These two words can be the turning point in the extend of your life’s richness and expansion of it. It is because of these two words that monuments are built, boundaries are pushed and history are made. Yet it can also be that due to these two words that greatness are diminished, positives becomes negatives and regrets become eternal.

“Why Not?!” can invite a long list of reasons and arguments about how it cannot be done or impossible to make things happen.

“Why Not?!” can also incite the spirit of adventure, of enterprise and of challenge to push people onwards and upwards.

Therefore, “Why Not?!” is actually a double-edged sword. It can also used as a exclamation comment (!) or as a question (?). Both functions have their appropriate usage in different scenarios.


In a business, an executive made a suggestion, “Let’s run a campaign for this product. My plans are as follows …”

Scene 1)

Someone asked,”Why Not?”

Then a series of replies came, “because we are too new, too much trouble, lack of funding, etc…”

Everyone found an excuse to not execute the campaign.

Scene 2)

After the presentation of the product marketing ideas, someone commented,”Why not!”

Everyone gets excited and could not wait to work on the new campaign. They started and found that despite the occasional hiccups, it was an overall success.


Similar structure also happen in dating and relationships.

After asking “Why not?”, one can give all the “rationale” why he/she should not call or pursue the love interest.

“I’m too poor, too ugly, too short, too tall, too dumb,…” (you get the idea…)

On the other hand, a person can contemplate… “Shall I call her/him?”

Then, exclaimed excited, “Why Not!”

The person called up the love interest, built a relationship and got together.


All of us have ideas, we all have opinions and all of us have dreams.

You can let “Why not?!” stop you or let “Why not?!” drive you.

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