Play The Game to Win The Game

In many of life’s challenges, people choose to sit out. They often let life, events and times go by without knowing. Some know that the game is being played, but still decide to sit out.

A bit by bit, the high peaks of the game flash before them. They cheer but remain on the seats. A point is scored, they roar, but still stay on the seats. Then half time comes, they take a break… then return to their original seats. They just keep watching and watching the game, some of the tired ones doze off…

Then one fine day, when they snap out of that daze, they realize that the game has ended… and they are the only spectators left in the stadium, the stadium that once played the game of their lives.

The score… Life 5 : Them 0

As you can see, they do not score any points or strike any goals, because there is only one team on the field, in the court. Life’s team.

Life’s team members consist of: challenges, problems, sacarsm, criticism, hurt, rejection, risk, enemies, skeptics, naysayers, fear, greed, and some other reserve players. It’s captain: Procrastination

Lets just say the other team is your team.

Then your team members are: passion, faith, love, courage, friends, those who love you, persistence, planning, discipline, strength, mindset and some reserves players like encouragement, warmth, forgiveness and others.

And guess who’s the captain of your team? (If you still don’t know who is it, then more power to Life’s team.) (Hint: your captain shares the same name as you.)

While Life’s team is ready, they are always ready to take you down. Your team may not necessary be ready… because you may not be ready.

Excuse jumped onto Life’s team. It plays silently in the background, off the field.

So as Mr. Excuse works his magic, thoughts like, “They’re are too strong, too tough. We are not trained and are ill-prepared.” plague your team’s captain.

So your team is never fielded… ready or not, is secondary.

Therefore, now the score changes to Life 6 : You 0

It’s a game you can never win, because you never played in the first place.

“But what if I play the game and still lose?” a weaker voice within your captain squeaked.

Then you can always change tactics and change the players, my friend.

Be it a game of business and management, of leadership and teamwork, of sales and negotiation, of dating and relationships, of public speaking and communications, of study and exams, of contests and competitions, of dreams and achievement, the lesson remains the same:

If you never play the game, you’ll never ever have a chance to win the game.

You can now hear the loud whistle blowing for the two teams to get ready.

Life’s team players are already on the field, in fact, they never left the field at all. Remember, they are always willing and ready to take you down, to cut you down to size and to make sure you’ll never reverse the score.

The next game is about to start in a few seconds…

Is your captain playing the game?

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