DARE You Make A Date?

The feature profiling me as well as my training and coaching was published on The New Paper. For the many well-wishes that I’ve received through phone calls, emails and SMS, I truly thank you. Indeed I sincerely appreciate your support, sharing and friendships over all these years. To all my participants and clients, it has been an honor to be able to share my thoughts and work with you.

For those who have read the article on The New Paper, 12 April 2007, entitled: “Make a Date with The Coach“, you will notice that I mentioned in the interview about DARE: Dating, Attraction and RElationships, one of my most popular workshops.

It’s about guts and confidence. Do they dare to make a change to their lives?” I said.

Indeed it’s really about how daring are we at creating new possibilities, not just for ourselves but for others. And how badly do we want to change it?

Are we daring enough to ignore the fear, the hesitation and the apprehension that stop us?

For all the potential and the driving engine that lie within us, we can summon these and the ability to overcome various obstacles, both inner and relational. I have seen this happen many times. Those who dare enough will be able to discover the resources and strategies to make things better, and a new life unfolds.

We can make a date with change and improvement. It can be done…

As long as we DARE.

Is there a person you’ve been secretly admiring?

Has there been someone you’ve been wanting to date?

Is there a current marriage you’ve wanting to improve?

Have you been wanting to take a step closer in your relationship?

Do you want to add new zest with your long term partner?

Do you want to stay away from those lonely sleepless nights?

Is there a change you’ve been wanting to make in your life?

You can always make a date to improve your life…
As long as you DARE!

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