Is There Such A Thing As A Selling Season?

In my Sales training seminars, some people ask if there is such a thing as a selling season, a time or season where products and services can be better sold. My reply is Yes indeed. There is such a thing as the selling season, a period of time where things are more easily sold, without much effort from the salesperson.

Human beings are primarily emotional by nature, hence, their emotions change from season to season, affecting their perception of their needs and wants. This ultimately shape the demand of products and services.

A typical example of such concept is shown during the holiday season towards the end of the year as well as the beginning of the year. With coming of the December holidays like Christmas and New Year as well as Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day in the new months, people tend to feel happier. They want to share the joy with other’s and feel more generous. (especially with the coming bonus)

On top of this, they are also feeling the pressure of social norms to spend and to give gifts in various forms. This is most manifested especially when their friends, colleagues and loved ones are also giving the gifts to them, hence they experience the need to “return the kindness”.

That’s why you will also find that people are busy shopping during this period of time. Socially, it can also be seen as rewarding themselves and others. Parties are held to commenmerate the year’s hard work and signify a good start for the new year. (Remember, parties cost money too.)

The challenge is how do you extend and stretch the selling season into the ‘non-selling season’ so that sales can continue to be made throughout the year.

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