Do You Know What You Don’t Know About Yourself?

People tend to claim that they know themselves well. I would just like to put a thought across to you…

Do you know what you don’t know about yourself?

Your own blind spot.

I have a friend who does not know about his personal temper. Every time a minor irritation crops up, he will begin his sentence with some rude comments.

The interesting thing is that once I mention that to him, he was even suprised himself. He totally had no idea about his spouting of vulgarities. Honest!

If you are truly ready, here are some ideas to help you expand your self-knowledge:

* Talk to your close friends.

* Talk to your ‘enemies’.

* Talk to strangers and mere acquaintences.

Knowing these allows you to know more about youself that you never knew in the first place.

Take my suggestions, you’ll be suprised how much you don’t know.

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