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Still Holding Your Breath?

April 17, 2007

Funny things happen to you when you hold your breath a tat longer than usual. Things might go hazy, heads go goggy and something smells funny. Some claim to be able to see their entire lives (present and past?) and some received a closer spiritual experience. It’s different experiences for people.

But how does it feel when you start to breathe again? That next first breathe of cool, clear air that goes into your lungs. It’s a sense of relief, isn’t it? It’s like back from the brink of demise…

Many of us simply hold our breath for too long. Nope, I am not referring to literal acts of self-suffocation. I am talking about our pace of life. A lot of people wake up in the morning, hold their breath and keep “enduring” until its time to hit the sack once again.

Busy, busy eh…

Then life’s suffocation occurs. The stress gets to them, the pain emerges, the illness plagues them and frustration sets in…

The breath has been held too long. Too long for comfort and human capacity.

When was the last time you un-hold your breath? Ever thought of taking in the next breathe of air? Not stale smell of stress, but fresh air of rejevenation.

Have you held your breath for too long?

Remember to breathe in when you have to.

Look Behind You

April 17, 2007

Whenever we look at the watch, time would have changed. Depending on the frequency that you look, the change will correspondingly vary its degree. As we age and grow over the years, we start to see things in another perspective.

In life, there are people who only see the front without glancing their past.

I have also met those who continuously struggle to forget their past, their future appears to be the same as their past.

Then there are those who learn from the past and constantly chart their paths ahead.

Even with those who look behind, they too have a need to sometimes face the boogymen of their past. Some are so drawn back that they brought the negativity to their present.

A strong mindset and a keen mind is required to truly benefit from our learnings of our past. It demands of us to see things objectively, understand events constructively and not be tied down emotionally.

Look behind you, what do you see? Is it a series of learnings or an ocean of suffering. Is it a growing set of wisdom or is it a chain of burdens?