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Diversity In Thoughts, Unity In Hearts

April 18, 2007

We all know that people are born with different forms of upbringing. It is perhaps because of this that we sometimes expect others to accede to us, allowing us our way just because we think that we are right.

When such diversity in thoughts is not addressed by the leader or by the team, there is a potential threat of the entire team breaking into factions, officially or unofficially. Granted that it can tough changing the disagreements in thinking and opinion, the leader must then find some other ways where the team can still connect together.

One of the most important ways is to refocus the group back to the ultimate purpose of why the team was formed in the first place… to achieve a certain goal. Everybody has a role and duty to play in the team, hence in many ways, diversity in opinions may actually be a positive advantage. However, the leader must first be equipped and be confident to moderate opinions, speaking duration as well as balance the tipping of scales when the team comes together.

The following steps can be applied whenever the team is in conflict:

1. Break the momentum of the conflict or disagreement.

2. Review the purpose of why the team is formed.

3. Seek commitment from members to accept that thoughts can be diverse.

4. Make sure the team members realize that it is not possible to adopt all ideas at once.

5. Re-dedicate to the mission of the team.

6. Ensure that everyone within the team is emotionally positive.

7. Appreciate the team for its effort to accept diversity in thoughts, yet remain united in hearts.

8. Move on with the task or agenda, silently monitoring the situation for improvement.

As you can see, there are a few dimensions of emotional factors that must be attended to before the issue or conflict can be resolved. After all, people tend to defend their thoughts with emotion, no matter they are right or wrong. Working together thus place unto us the potential for learning about each other as well as experience the growth in a united team.