Remembering Roots

It’s always a joy for me to return to my various Alma maters, the schools that have educated me and had a significant influence in my life. A joy to remember the past and a joy to know how much the schools have changed.

Yesterday, I went back to one of my alma mater, The National University of Singapore, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, on a lunch invitation by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Tan. Over there, I met the Dean, the Assistant Dean, the Department professors, some of the Deanery staff and a few of other Alumnus of the NUS Arts Faculty, who have themselves become distinguished figures of society. It was indeed wonderful catching up and sharing what has progressed over the years.

As I stepped into the university building, it was very much like home-coming. After all, when I was in NUS, I had spent quite a number of times staying overnight in the university painting banners, setting up exhibits, running projects and having meetings. I can still remember researching and studying in the library, staying up to the closing minutes. I could also almost recall and hear the chit-chatting that my friends and I had in a quiet corner of the study table. These memories brought a smile to my face. 🙂

Wherever we are at now, we had to begin from somewhere. Our roots of beginning can set the direction to where we are going. It is for us and our destiny to learn and acquire as much knowledge and wisdom as possible so that we may be better equipped to face the challenges of life.

For me, my roots represent a part of me that make me the way I am. As I observe the world at large and discover the on-going transformation, my roots keeps my foundation firm. It also opens up my thoughts, my perspectives of life and beyond, encouraging me on and face issues with boldness. To me, education is precious and vital, and I never take it for granted.

When I left the university after lunch, I took in a deep breath of air filled with exhilaration. I recollected my thoughts of university days and a sense of satisfaction enveloped me. Remembering my roots reinforces my life and allows me a positive way to contribute in return, to school and to society.

Home-coming is a joy indeed. I will be back soon.

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One Comment on “Remembering Roots”

  1. Gary Says:

    This is beautiful. Beautiful memories are made based on what we do today! =)

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