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How To Handle The Mess and Live Better?

April 28, 2007

During the course of our journey in life, there are many events that happen. At times, situations are very straightforward, clear as crystal. On the other hand, there are those that can get very messy, mixed up with human emotions beyond contemplation, politics that waste time, unexpected crisis just that seem to pop out of nowhere.

People will attempt to sort out the mess, trying to make sense of things and issues that befall them. Its often that many will spend sleepless nights pondering and worrying about them… without an answer or conclusion…

Have you ever thought, maybe its not meant for us to understand everything in this world? After all, there is no way we can. We don’t have multiple personalities nor are we able to fully read the mind of others. We have a tendency to see things from our own perspectives rather than to truly be objective. What’s objective anyway?

In the messy world filled with messy issues, we have too little of finite life to really unravel all the mysterious…

Here are some thoughts and steps for us to better live with all this mess:

1. Know we do understand and what we do not.

2. Decide what can we take actions to change and what is beyond us to change.

3. Understand that we need to focus on some matters first before others.

4. Learn to let go of the negative emotions that bug us.

5. Constantly do the best we can to handle those we can change.

6. Appreciate life and its untold mysterious.

7. Smile. 🙂

Its a big, big world out there. Go handle it!