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The Top 8 Requirements Of The Enlightened Self-Leader

April 30, 2007

In some of my seminars and coaching, I spoke about Self-Leadership, the ability to automatically lead, manage and take charge of our personal self, well-being and accomplishment.

It is something which modern leaders desire of their followers and many organizations seek to craft such potentials. Apparently, it is an on-coming wave of change in the world of work.

Nonetheless, self-leader is not going to happen overnight. It takes work, strategy and heart. Here are some of the top requirements of becoming an Enlightened Self-Leader:

1. Self-responsibility and personal accountability

2. An impeccable set of integrity and character

3. Realistic creativity with idealism

4. Inner communication competency

5. Balanced and tuned emotions

6. Disciplined personal target setting

7. Constructive self-criticism and complements for changes

8. A managed lifestyle that constantly moves him towards his goals.

Once a person can acquire the capability for self-leadership, he (or she) becomes an enlightened person who can both be a team-player as well as a leader whenever the situation calls for it. Whoever leads this enlightened self-leader will find it a rather hands-free job yet group goals are achieved with little need for supervision.

The Enlightened Self-Leader resolves issues on his own, within the given jurisdiction, expands beyond his own capability and achieves goals in various degrees. He speaks out when needed and listens when appropriate. His own life becomes an inspiration to others who seek to walk their own unique path and destiny. Hence, Life becomes a constant discovery and learning.

And of course, an Enlighten Self-Leader Excels Beyond Excellence!