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Work It Till You Love It!

May 31, 2007

Was having a week packed full of training seminars and events. It started with a series of Dynamic Selling seminars, Public Speaking talks then to Stress and Time Management training. On top of that, I was slotting in time designing several training courses and writing seminar notes for the upcoming workshops.

After long hours of standing on the feet, it was physically tiring but mentally, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling. The sharing by the various participants also touched my hearts, the jokes were reciprocated and the learning was immense. I truly wish them well and excel on life’s journey.

With whatever we are working on, there is a personal need to review if this fulfills us. Because if the work we do fulfills us, then it drives us to do it better. If it doesn’t, we lament and complain, and productivity goes down over time.

What if the work isn’t as fulfilling as what you want? Then there are two possible general options:

1) Leave it.

2) Work it till you love it!

”Work it” does not imply merely working the same thing over and over again. On the contrary, it actually mean working on improving it untill you find the real fulfillment in it.

Sometimes it could be work procedures, other times it could be the relationships you have with bosses, colleagues and customers/clients. (I call them the BCC) Or its actually more of your internal perspective, concept and feel for the work itself.

No matter what, it simply does not mean stagnation. But constant redefinition, till it means something to you. Something fulfilling. Something worth doing and worth loving.

Remember, when there’s fulfillment, there’s improvement.

So you’ve got to Work it till you Love it! (or leave it)

Alright then, its Employability training tomorrow followed by Public Speaking workshop. And I’m excited and ready to Go! ๐Ÿ™‚


How To Charm With Charisma?

May 29, 2007

Charisma is a much needed factor today in human relations. It opens doors and make things happen so much easier. It speeds up dating, selling, negotiating, leading, you just name it. It helps in all. Of course, it also gets things you want, persuasively and effortlessly.

Throughout the ages, scholars, orators, leaders, conquerors and the likes have been studying the ancient mysterious topic of Charisma. What makes people tick, what makes some want to devote their lives unto obeying and even dying for another.

Leaders will dread not to have because without personal charisma, people will then not be easily lead. Speakers desire to be born with it, because charisma can elevate them to the high seat. The lovers, single and attached, hone it because it just makes attraction so much effortless.

When you want to charm with charisma, watch your posture. Its not just about your physiology, its also about your mental posture. The strength and tenacity of your mind matters most.

Learn to develop the “Can-Do” attitude. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going… and starts charming. When you are more enthusiastic than others in downtimes, you uplift the spirit of people around you. That grooms your charisma.

Be sure to be sure. Ha! That means there’s charm in a man (or woman) who knows what he/she wants. Yup, no doubt about this. (pun intended) ๐Ÿ™‚

Take these points, work them into your daily lives.

You’ll be soon be charming with charisma and excelling beyond excellence!

Speaking Is A Skill. (So Is Communication.)

May 27, 2007

Let me be direct here:

Speaking is a skill.

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

Since speaking is a skill. This implies that it CAN BE LEARNT.

(By saying speaking in this case, I am using the general context and definition. Hence, it also implies communication, which involves listening, speaking, relating and many other elements and forms.)


Communication is also a skill.

If you don’t use it, you’ll also lose it.

… and since we also know that communication is the key and the bridge to get anything we want in life…

So where does that leaves us as the next step?

You know the answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

NUS Speech Craft 2

May 27, 2007

Had the second run of The National University of Singapore Speech Craft training yesterday. Another wonderful and enriching time of learning and speaking to the participants, I must say. I have truly enjoyed myself as the Lead Trainer, co-training with Gary, Eric and Annabelle, in addition to working on the coordination and organizing with Presidents, Gary and Gary.

Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who has helped and contributed to the success of the event. (Cliche as it seems but its truly from my heart.)

Thoughts abound as I reflected on the day’s event and happenings. I have also shared with the participants some of my affirmations:

* You need to communicate to get whatever you want (almost anything).

* Leadership involved inspiration, not just by qualification.

* Learn to unleash your speaking talent.

… and many others.

For the next few weeks, I am looking forward to conducting some of my upcoming training sessions beginning tomorrow on Public Speaking, Selling and Negotiation, Stress Management… keeping in mind, the purpose is to Excel Beyond Excellence!

Future Think

May 25, 2007

If you are now in the future looking back at the present you, will you like what you see of yourself now?

If No, it’s a sign that something’s got to change in your life now.

If Yes, Congratulations! You are on your Path of Destiny.

Do this often to gain perspectives of your life.

How To Stay Relevant in Changing Times?

May 24, 2007

It is common to hear people say that the present is unlike the past. Yes, and that’s true. For change is indeed constant. If we do not change, we risk being outcast by the wave of societal changes.

At the same time, there are certain generic steps you can take to meet up with the changes and remain relevant with times.

Here are the steps:

1. Notice what has changed around you.

2. Point out what needs to change within you.

3. Check if the changes you need to make will match your values, direction and goal. If Yes, move to step 4. If No, you need to decide which is the priority.

4. Fine-tune the plan you need to make that change.

5. Act on your plan to change.

6. Review the change after sometime to ensure you are on course.

7. Go back to Step 1 regularly.

You can apply these steps to almost any area of your life, from personal dreams, relationships, public speaking and communication to running a company, management and leadership.

The above points remain an eternal cycle of steps that one has to constantly make in order to stay relevant. As long as times have changed, you need to change.

Relevance is important to remain in excellence mode.

Return To The Lion City

May 22, 2007

Just got back about 3 hours ago from Hong Kong. Had a wonderful and interesting trip. Will definitely share more of my learnings here over the next few days.

Meanwhile, will be conducting full-day Dynamic Selling Skills course in another 4 hour’s time. Looking forward to another exciting day of training! ๐Ÿ™‚

Travel Thoughts

May 17, 2007

Will be on a plane to Hong Kong in about 2.5 hour’s time. I am going over to attend the Toastmasters District Annual Convention and will be extending my stay for a couple more days till the middle of next week.

Some of the things I always keep in mind are:

Always travel with a happy heart.

Be willing to discover new cultures.

Respect the people I meet and get to know.

Catch up with old friends there.

Eat the local food and delicacies. ๐Ÿ™‚

6 Ways To Upgrade Your Brain and Upsize Your Mind

May 15, 2007

When we look around us, people are giving various things in their lives an upgrade. The gadgets and technologies in the form of mobile phones and laptops receive upgrades, the cars and houses get upgrades, even fashions and accessories are also being upgraded.

While all these tangibles get an upgrade, when was the last time we give our brain an upgrade? And when was the last time we expand our mind, giving it an upsize?

As the pace of the changing world increases, people must also be equipped to cope with these accelerated changes. The notion of using old ways to deal with new problems may not always work, it may just get oneself painted to a corner.

The arrival of change and the revolution of modernity must first be reconciled in our mind. It is often a pity if the world notion has expanded but the size and perception of our mind and mindset remain the same. The discomfort sets in. However, once the mind acknowledges and accepts the need and importance for such changes, we can now proceed to upgrade our brain.

The conceptualization of new ways and strategies to cope with situations and challenges lie in the capability of the brain. The brain must be able to first cope with the novelty of it, then generate new creative ways to resolve issues.

Some of the ways to upgrade our brain and upsize our mind include:

Get accustomed to a certain new technology in our everyday gadgets. It could very well be our mobile phone or our laptop programs. Some have even acquire new Personal Digital Assistants.

Be regularly updated in current affairs. Helps to take a personal interest in developments of the community, country and the world at large.

Learn a new language. Starting small with the everyday conversational words. Discover the customs of the language origin.

Explore a new place. Imagine if you can live in that new environment and the lifestyles that follow. Consider what are the possible current things you have to give up and what you have to adopt.

Take on a new hobby. Ever wanted to make a woodwork? Or even whip up a dish. Go take on that hobby and you will discover a refreshing look at your own personal life.

Make a speech. When was the last time you ever spoke in public? The process of preparing for it causes new learning with the brain. Once you have presented your speech, you will be locking in that new experience.

We must never discount the capacity of our brain and the magnitude of how our mind can work. These are always the foundation of anyone looking to truly Excel Beyond Excellence!

The Power Of A Minute Of Speech

May 13, 2007

Yesterday, I was training at the National University of Singapore, NUS Toastmasters’ Speechcraft workshop. As we organized and presented the event, the participants took notes and practiced their speeches.

It was a day-long session that required lots of coordination and planning. Everyone put in their effort and sincerity in making the workshop successful. My deepest appreciation goes out to all that helped in one way or another.

The participants practiced and presented their speeches, all in group level while a few spoke in front of the entire audience. What particularly impressed me was the heart that the participants had put in with regards to crafting their speeches.

Some speeches touched my heart and made me reflect. Others are filled with light hearted moments of laughter and joy. Well done to all the participants of NUS Toastmasters Speechcraft!

While I observed, worked with them and listened to their final speeches, I am reminded of the power of making a speech:

That a minute of speech can change a person’s life!

A minute of that speech can uplift the spirit and it can give new hope. It can clear the dark clouds away and put in the sunshine. Most of all, it shares of the things we experience and of life lessons we use to excel.

While we prepare for the next run of the NUS Toastmasters Speechcraft, I am filled with excitement and anticipation… excited by the presentations I will hear, anticipating more of those life-changing minutes of the speeches.