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Don’t Seek To Be Perfect

May 3, 2007

Yesterday I was speaking at a ministry together with another trainer, Linda. The topic was about “The 5 Sins of Speaking”. It was about how we should be aware of the sins we commit during the course of our communication. This is all the more so because many of us don’t know the existence of these ‘sins’ in our speeches until someone pointed out to us.

But yet, there will be those who are so cautious that they had to make sure none of the sins exist before they can present their first speech. In their presentations, they want to leave no room to fumble. They just want to be perfect.

On the other hand, there is another group who see themselves having so many sins and errors in their speeches that they deemed themselves unworthy to even step up to the stage for their speeches. They think they are beyond hope.

In between these two extremes of idealistic situations, there lies something called… reality. Here are the realities of speaking…

1) There is no perfect speech.

2) You can always get better.

Every speech you hear has its own flaws. Some are obvious, others are hidden underneath. Nonetheless, things don’t always happen the way you want them to be.

At the same time, as long as you are willing to correct yourself, you can always improve. As you improve, your speeches will always get better, but you must want to put in the due diligence.

Hence, as you decide to speak, or not. Remember this key to excel beyond excellence:

Don’t seek to be perfect, seek to be better.

Enjoy your speeches!