4 Top Reasons Why You Should Be Interested In People

Just got back from Batam, Indonesia, after giving a talk at a major company’s retreat event. Over there, I got to know quite a number of the staff from the organization. Friendly people I must say. Their faces were beaming with joy and they laughed aloud as I shared with them “Communication Between Men and Women at Work”. We had a roaring good time…

How often can we talk so directly about the opposite gender? And learning with depth?

To many people, work can be much of a toil and a chore, a hassel much avoided. Yet they had to do it because…’work is work’. Even after work, some have to pull their tired body to attend to personal tasks and errands that sometimes tax them so much of their energy.

How about this… while doing the task or work, be interested in people. Pay attention to people and give energy to relate to people.

When it came to be about people, most people (pun intended) started to shift into a different psychological and emotional state. They become relational in their minds and react in accordance to their preference of that person.

Given the proper environment and positivity, people start to beam with joy and glee, just like the group yesterday.

When you start to be interested in people, you’ll find that you’ll get to:

1) Make your life more interesting

2) Gain new perspectives of life and of issues

3) Expand your network of friends and resources

4) Uplift your spirit, when you are positive about them

People do have a special way to relate to another people. Its an ability all human beings have… only if you let yourself have it.

Communicate well. Live to Excel.

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One Comment on “4 Top Reasons Why You Should Be Interested In People”

  1. infekt Says:

    Communication is the absolute key to success. As they say: “Be interested, not interesting.” We too often lose the concept of mutuality during interaction and begin to self-indulge in ourselves, rather than look to both ends. Once we are clear on this ‘two-way’ communication requirement, we will then ensure effectiveness in building stronger and fulfilling relationships. Our interest in other people’s lives and actions–validates their who they are and what they essentially need from communication.

    I have almost forgotten about this simple notion. Thank you for the refreshing post!


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