Why Should You Be On The Love Boat?

On the 3rd of May, the concept of Dating@Sea was highlighted on the newspaper. At the same time, Wow-Her.com was also featured and interviewed on the Television News channel regarding funding the organizers, where we can now use the fund to publicize, market and organize activities for more people to participate, and ultimately, increase the opportunity for romance and attraction.

When people are out at sea, they are placed in a whole new environment where they must now interact differently. The activities are then designed to bring people together, creating new understandings of each other in the process.

It is interesting and good to participate in events that take you out of a different context, especially for dating and potential romance. Dating@Sea has always been a shining example of such concept.

For those who are into romance and more love, some Concepts of Romance that come into work whenever you are in a new setting. These concepts give you the reasons why you should be on The Love Boat:

1. When you are in new place, you are discovering a new love.

2. Giving others a chance is giving yourself a chance too.

3. Pushing your boundaries and comfort zone helps to expand your social skills.

The Love Boat puts into people a new discovery of romance within. It is more of an avenue and a new channel for people to get to know each other. Even if it’s not a boat, a special place or resort will also serve the purpose.

Be on the Love Boat the next time it sets sail. Bon voyage.

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