A World Of Abundance

In a world of scarcity, you tend to see restrictions, limitations and confinements. They tell you what you cannot do and conditions you to accept it. Eventually many do, and fall into the mould of “that’s the way it is…”

On the other hand, when you live in a world of abundance, you experience a new sense of liberation. Your perspectives allow you to see opportunities aplenty and possibilities are many. You experience the hope and renewed energy to fight another day, to make another way.

While some may content and argue that we truly live with a lot of scarcity in this world, my answer is, “True enough. Then in this case would you rather see the possibilities that is undiscovered or would you rather merely be restricted by this scarcity?”

“Would you rather live out the reminder of your life in this world, restricted… just because ‘that’s the way it is’?”

In short, my point is… if there is really scarcity, then you better see the possibilities. Otherwise this world and our lives are not worth progressing and protecting.

Just think, which great pioneer did not first see the possibilities in this world? Which trailblazer accepted their limitations as the boundary of their lives? Which achiever will accept the restrictions as the best they can do?

Remember, we can continue to be limited by our scarcity or we can create new possibilities, living in a world of abundance, a land of many.

May You Excel Beyond Excellence!

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