Closing Anxiety: The 4 Essence Of Closing Sales

In a sales situation, the person makes a presentation to his potential customer. When it comes to the time to close the deal, many took in a deep breathe as if it is the major moment of truth. Suddenly it seems as if a mountain has appeared before them and they got stuck uttering the sentence that gets people to buy.

A case of Closing Anxiety: the panic and worry feeling within a salesperson just moments before asking for the sale. It usually prevents a person from effectively asking the customer to sign the deal or asking the customer to pay the money. They are afraid to hear the dreaded word, “NO!” or the deafening silence of rejection.

What many people don’t realize is that closing is actually something which requires a paradigm shift. They must learn to look at closing the deal differently, rather as a gut-tearing, heart-wrenching, ego-depleting portion of the sales process.

The true essence of closing a sale comprises of the following:

1. To close is natural.

Closing is actually a natural and normal part of the sales process. If you have opened a process, then the process will come to a close. Simple as that. There’s nothing to be afraid of since it’s just a normal flow of a procedure. Everything that opens has a close.

2. To close is to open.

Every time you close a process, you open up another process. Close is just an end to the previous sales process. When you are closing, the respond you get becomes the opening to another process.

If the customer wants to buy, closing becomes the opening of the payment process. If the customer rejects your offer, it then becomes another process of objection handling. It is just a different type of sales relationship-building process. Every closing is a new opening.

3. To close is to connect.

If you have connected with your customers well throughout the sales process, closing becomes a simple solidifying of your connection. It becomes the sealing of the sales relationship. A natural end to the sales process.

Every one who is willing to give you money does so because they could connect with you deeply enough. Hence if you don’t get a positive close, it just means that you need to rework on the way to build rapport and connect with your prospect through the sales process.

4. To close is to expand.

Closing will also allow you to further expand your ability to do up-selling or cross-selling. It does not have to dwindle, it is also another chance for greater profit as you expand the range of products and services you have to offer.

Every customer who has bought a basic item from you will have a potential to buy an upgrade or an accessory from you


In order to minimize closing anxiety, you need to practice and get used to selling. As you practice your selling skills, you must learn to communicate well and artfully integrate these essence into the closing segment of your sales presentation. Throughout your communication with your customer, you must build these essence into the process.

The more and deeper these essences are present and explored in your sales closing and relationship, the simpler and easier it becomes to close the deal.

Sell Well to Excel!

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