Dream On…

It’s exciting to dream, isn’t it? It’s beautiful, alluring and mesmerising to dream and imagine beyond what we can do, being more than who we are……Yet, the killers of dreams lurk everywhere. These killers are disguised by different names, some are named criticisms, some called sarcasms, some spread self-doubt, virus of the mind, designed to shrink the dreams, to eliminate greatness and to wipe out the weak minded. They are known by legion, for they are many.

You never know where they hide, when will they spring an attack or how will they kill our dreams. They are just there. Ready to strike anytime.

Our dreams will just have to be stronger than just to submit to these killers. Surrender is not an option, not even something to ponder. Our dreams should be so filled with our lifeforce and passion that we not longer fear these dream killers but fear that we become the killers of our own dreams, that we do not fulfill our own dreams.

We must thus dream a stronger dream.

Dream on, for dreaming is a beautiful thing…

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