Why Should You Harness The Power of Rest?

Resting for a moment is actually an art in itself. Many people become too caught up in the hurried pace of life and, as a result, got lost of themselves and where they are going. In a world of fast changes, sometimes slowing down for a while is the answer.

Work can also crop up pretty unexpectedly and pressures may mount. Continuing to work beyond your personal limit is not necessary the answer and neither can it be truly productive in the long run.

When things get to fast, learn to rest. Learn to know when to and when not to rest. That’s why its an art.

Rest is not truly sleep. Rest is a form of quick recharge. Sometimes the physical body rests but the mental still works. In some cases, the person is able to put his physical self on auto-pilot while the mind takes a breather. Such is the beauty of rest.

Rest is a power in itself. You should harness it well. The following are the nature and power of rest:

* The ability to take a rest reflects a sense of control of your life and your thoughts.

* Rest allows you to recollect and remain calm, not being carried away by emotions.

* Rest makes you analyze the situation you are in and the risks involved.

* Rest forces you to take another point of view while consolidating your current resources.

* Rest stores up energy for the real action that follows, driving home an even stronger impact than before.

* Rest allows you to rediscover yourself, what you really want and who you really are.

* Rest because sometimes your body needs to, be it to reduce stress or get away from pressure.

* Rest because its also a way of life and a path to life balance.

* Lastly, Rest is also a preparation to Excel Beyond Excellence!

Be Well. Rest to Excel.

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One Comment on “Why Should You Harness The Power of Rest?”

  1. Amit Says:

    Hey There,

    Great article and this is so true. I’ve had a couple of days that have been really intense and I woke up in the middle of the night and for no reason I checked my email! ?!?

    It’s so important to get the good rest otherwise the cumulative effect on the body will take it’s toll.

    Great post! 🙂

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