The Power Of A Minute Of Speech

Yesterday, I was training at the National University of Singapore, NUS Toastmasters’ Speechcraft workshop. As we organized and presented the event, the participants took notes and practiced their speeches.

It was a day-long session that required lots of coordination and planning. Everyone put in their effort and sincerity in making the workshop successful. My deepest appreciation goes out to all that helped in one way or another.

The participants practiced and presented their speeches, all in group level while a few spoke in front of the entire audience. What particularly impressed me was the heart that the participants had put in with regards to crafting their speeches.

Some speeches touched my heart and made me reflect. Others are filled with light hearted moments of laughter and joy. Well done to all the participants of NUS Toastmasters Speechcraft!

While I observed, worked with them and listened to their final speeches, I am reminded of the power of making a speech:

That a minute of speech can change a person’s life!

A minute of that speech can uplift the spirit and it can give new hope. It can clear the dark clouds away and put in the sunshine. Most of all, it shares of the things we experience and of life lessons we use to excel.

While we prepare for the next run of the NUS Toastmasters Speechcraft, I am filled with excitement and anticipation… excited by the presentations I will hear, anticipating more of those life-changing minutes of the speeches.

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