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6 Ways To Upgrade Your Brain and Upsize Your Mind

May 15, 2007

When we look around us, people are giving various things in their lives an upgrade. The gadgets and technologies in the form of mobile phones and laptops receive upgrades, the cars and houses get upgrades, even fashions and accessories are also being upgraded.

While all these tangibles get an upgrade, when was the last time we give our brain an upgrade? And when was the last time we expand our mind, giving it an upsize?

As the pace of the changing world increases, people must also be equipped to cope with these accelerated changes. The notion of using old ways to deal with new problems may not always work, it may just get oneself painted to a corner.

The arrival of change and the revolution of modernity must first be reconciled in our mind. It is often a pity if the world notion has expanded but the size and perception of our mind and mindset remain the same. The discomfort sets in. However, once the mind acknowledges and accepts the need and importance for such changes, we can now proceed to upgrade our brain.

The conceptualization of new ways and strategies to cope with situations and challenges lie in the capability of the brain. The brain must be able to first cope with the novelty of it, then generate new creative ways to resolve issues.

Some of the ways to upgrade our brain and upsize our mind include:

Get accustomed to a certain new technology in our everyday gadgets. It could very well be our mobile phone or our laptop programs. Some have even acquire new Personal Digital Assistants.

Be regularly updated in current affairs. Helps to take a personal interest in developments of the community, country and the world at large.

Learn a new language. Starting small with the everyday conversational words. Discover the customs of the language origin.

Explore a new place. Imagine if you can live in that new environment and the lifestyles that follow. Consider what are the possible current things you have to give up and what you have to adopt.

Take on a new hobby. Ever wanted to make a woodwork? Or even whip up a dish. Go take on that hobby and you will discover a refreshing look at your own personal life.

Make a speech. When was the last time you ever spoke in public? The process of preparing for it causes new learning with the brain. Once you have presented your speech, you will be locking in that new experience.

We must never discount the capacity of our brain and the magnitude of how our mind can work. These are always the foundation of anyone looking to truly Excel Beyond Excellence!