NUS Speech Craft 2

Had the second run of The National University of Singapore Speech Craft training yesterday. Another wonderful and enriching time of learning and speaking to the participants, I must say. I have truly enjoyed myself as the Lead Trainer, co-training with Gary, Eric and Annabelle, in addition to working on the coordination and organizing with Presidents, Gary and Gary.

Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who has helped and contributed to the success of the event. (Cliche as it seems but its truly from my heart.)

Thoughts abound as I reflected on the day’s event and happenings. I have also shared with the participants some of my affirmations:

* You need to communicate to get whatever you want (almost anything).

* Leadership involved inspiration, not just by qualification.

* Learn to unleash your speaking talent.

… and many others.

For the next few weeks, I am looking forward to conducting some of my upcoming training sessions beginning tomorrow on Public Speaking, Selling and Negotiation, Stress Management… keeping in mind, the purpose is to Excel Beyond Excellence!

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