Work It Till You Love It!

Was having a week packed full of training seminars and events. It started with a series of Dynamic Selling seminars, Public Speaking talks then to Stress and Time Management training. On top of that, I was slotting in time designing several training courses and writing seminar notes for the upcoming workshops.

After long hours of standing on the feet, it was physically tiring but mentally, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling. The sharing by the various participants also touched my hearts, the jokes were reciprocated and the learning was immense. I truly wish them well and excel on life’s journey.

With whatever we are working on, there is a personal need to review if this fulfills us. Because if the work we do fulfills us, then it drives us to do it better. If it doesn’t, we lament and complain, and productivity goes down over time.

What if the work isn’t as fulfilling as what you want? Then there are two possible general options:

1) Leave it.

2) Work it till you love it!

”Work it” does not imply merely working the same thing over and over again. On the contrary, it actually mean working on improving it untill you find the real fulfillment in it.

Sometimes it could be work procedures, other times it could be the relationships you have with bosses, colleagues and customers/clients. (I call them the BCC) Or its actually more of your internal perspective, concept and feel for the work itself.

No matter what, it simply does not mean stagnation. But constant redefinition, till it means something to you. Something fulfilling. Something worth doing and worth loving.

Remember, when there’s fulfillment, there’s improvement.

So you’ve got to Work it till you Love it! (or leave it)

Alright then, its Employability training tomorrow followed by Public Speaking workshop. And I’m excited and ready to Go! 🙂

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