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Why Should You Harness The Power of Rest?

May 11, 2007

Resting for a moment is actually an art in itself. Many people become too caught up in the hurried pace of life and, as a result, got lost of themselves and where they are going. In a world of fast changes, sometimes slowing down for a while is the answer.

Work can also crop up pretty unexpectedly and pressures may mount. Continuing to work beyond your personal limit is not necessary the answer and neither can it be truly productive in the long run.

When things get to fast, learn to rest. Learn to know when to and when not to rest. That’s why its an art.

Rest is not truly sleep. Rest is a form of quick recharge. Sometimes the physical body rests but the mental still works. In some cases, the person is able to put his physical self on auto-pilot while the mind takes a breather. Such is the beauty of rest.

Rest is a power in itself. You should harness it well. The following are the nature and power of rest:

* The ability to take a rest reflects a sense of control of your life and your thoughts.

* Rest allows you to recollect and remain calm, not being carried away by emotions.

* Rest makes you analyze the situation you are in and the risks involved.

* Rest forces you to take another point of view while consolidating your current resources.

* Rest stores up energy for the real action that follows, driving home an even stronger impact than before.

* Rest allows you to rediscover yourself, what you really want and who you really are.

* Rest because sometimes your body needs to, be it to reduce stress or get away from pressure.

* Rest because its also a way of life and a path to life balance.

* Lastly, Rest is also a preparation to Excel Beyond Excellence!

Be Well. Rest to Excel.

At The End Of It…

May 10, 2007

At the end of it, what do you want to see? What do you want to gain? And what do you want to remember?

Is it something you will look back and be proud of? Or is it something you will be shy to talk about?

Is it something worth remembering or something you’ll want to forget?

At the end of your leadership, what do you want to achieve? What do you want to be remembered for? And what change would you want to bring?

These are the very same questions I ask myself every time I take on a leadership role, be it a project, a team or a term of office. Since young I’ve been taking on different projects and lead appointments. They range from being a Squad Leader, Squad Officer, a Council Chairperson, a Company Major, a Head Coach, a Head of Department to being a Lead Trainer, a President, a Mentor-Advisor and a Governor. Yet every single time, the same questions are being asked, examined and evaluated.

For these questions provide me a vision of my goals for my duration or term of leadership. I always start off shaping what I want to achieve and how I want to be remembered at the end of my term before I commence my first official meeting with my team.

This gives me a vision of clarity and a realistic plan of action. These questions also infuse me with excitment and enthusiasm that, direct or indirectly, channel as passion to the team members I work with. After all, a leader is also a motivator-inspirer.

As leaders, we are not without faults, I will be the first to admit this. We are not without blind-spots and biases and we are not immune to mistakes. But be it small steps of success or sudden stoning of stumbling blocks, these questions keep me going. They form my goals and strategies to get there, obstacles or not.

In short, they keep me focused.

For as leaders, if we are not focused then who else can be in better focus than us?

Then, what about our own life?

At the end of our life, will we look back and be proud of ourselves or is ours a life we’ll rather forget?

For just as we perform as leaders of a project, aren’t we also leaders of our own life… like a major project?

Do we keep our vision clear and focused or do we get sidetracked and fall wayward?

It’s a series of questions that we can think about, both as a leader of a project and as a captain of our own life.

At the end of it, what do you want to see? What do you want to gain? and what do you want to remember?

Dream On…

May 9, 2007

It’s exciting to dream, isn’t it? It’s beautiful, alluring and mesmerising to dream and imagine beyond what we can do, being more than who we are……Yet, the killers of dreams lurk everywhere. These killers are disguised by different names, some are named criticisms, some called sarcasms, some spread self-doubt, virus of the mind, designed to shrink the dreams, to eliminate greatness and to wipe out the weak minded. They are known by legion, for they are many.

You never know where they hide, when will they spring an attack or how will they kill our dreams. They are just there. Ready to strike anytime.

Our dreams will just have to be stronger than just to submit to these killers. Surrender is not an option, not even something to ponder. Our dreams should be so filled with our lifeforce and passion that we not longer fear these dream killers but fear that we become the killers of our own dreams, that we do not fulfill our own dreams.

We must thus dream a stronger dream.

Dream on, for dreaming is a beautiful thing…

Closing Anxiety: The 4 Essence Of Closing Sales

May 9, 2007

In a sales situation, the person makes a presentation to his potential customer. When it comes to the time to close the deal, many took in a deep breathe as if it is the major moment of truth. Suddenly it seems as if a mountain has appeared before them and they got stuck uttering the sentence that gets people to buy.

A case of Closing Anxiety: the panic and worry feeling within a salesperson just moments before asking for the sale. It usually prevents a person from effectively asking the customer to sign the deal or asking the customer to pay the money. They are afraid to hear the dreaded word, “NO!” or the deafening silence of rejection.

What many people don’t realize is that closing is actually something which requires a paradigm shift. They must learn to look at closing the deal differently, rather as a gut-tearing, heart-wrenching, ego-depleting portion of the sales process.

The true essence of closing a sale comprises of the following:

1. To close is natural.

Closing is actually a natural and normal part of the sales process. If you have opened a process, then the process will come to a close. Simple as that. There’s nothing to be afraid of since it’s just a normal flow of a procedure. Everything that opens has a close.

2. To close is to open.

Every time you close a process, you open up another process. Close is just an end to the previous sales process. When you are closing, the respond you get becomes the opening to another process.

If the customer wants to buy, closing becomes the opening of the payment process. If the customer rejects your offer, it then becomes another process of objection handling. It is just a different type of sales relationship-building process. Every closing is a new opening.

3. To close is to connect.

If you have connected with your customers well throughout the sales process, closing becomes a simple solidifying of your connection. It becomes the sealing of the sales relationship. A natural end to the sales process.

Every one who is willing to give you money does so because they could connect with you deeply enough. Hence if you don’t get a positive close, it just means that you need to rework on the way to build rapport and connect with your prospect through the sales process.

4. To close is to expand.

Closing will also allow you to further expand your ability to do up-selling or cross-selling. It does not have to dwindle, it is also another chance for greater profit as you expand the range of products and services you have to offer.

Every customer who has bought a basic item from you will have a potential to buy an upgrade or an accessory from you


In order to minimize closing anxiety, you need to practice and get used to selling. As you practice your selling skills, you must learn to communicate well and artfully integrate these essence into the closing segment of your sales presentation. Throughout your communication with your customer, you must build these essence into the process.

The more and deeper these essences are present and explored in your sales closing and relationship, the simpler and easier it becomes to close the deal.

Sell Well to Excel!

A World Of Abundance

May 7, 2007

In a world of scarcity, you tend to see restrictions, limitations and confinements. They tell you what you cannot do and conditions you to accept it. Eventually many do, and fall into the mould of “that’s the way it is…”

On the other hand, when you live in a world of abundance, you experience a new sense of liberation. Your perspectives allow you to see opportunities aplenty and possibilities are many. You experience the hope and renewed energy to fight another day, to make another way.

While some may content and argue that we truly live with a lot of scarcity in this world, my answer is, “True enough. Then in this case would you rather see the possibilities that is undiscovered or would you rather merely be restricted by this scarcity?”

“Would you rather live out the reminder of your life in this world, restricted… just because ‘that’s the way it is’?”

In short, my point is… if there is really scarcity, then you better see the possibilities. Otherwise this world and our lives are not worth progressing and protecting.

Just think, which great pioneer did not first see the possibilities in this world? Which trailblazer accepted their limitations as the boundary of their lives? Which achiever will accept the restrictions as the best they can do?

Remember, we can continue to be limited by our scarcity or we can create new possibilities, living in a world of abundance, a land of many.

May You Excel Beyond Excellence!

Why Should You Be On The Love Boat?

May 6, 2007

On the 3rd of May, the concept of Dating@Sea was highlighted on the newspaper. At the same time, was also featured and interviewed on the Television News channel regarding funding the organizers, where we can now use the fund to publicize, market and organize activities for more people to participate, and ultimately, increase the opportunity for romance and attraction.

When people are out at sea, they are placed in a whole new environment where they must now interact differently. The activities are then designed to bring people together, creating new understandings of each other in the process.

It is interesting and good to participate in events that take you out of a different context, especially for dating and potential romance. Dating@Sea has always been a shining example of such concept.

For those who are into romance and more love, some Concepts of Romance that come into work whenever you are in a new setting. These concepts give you the reasons why you should be on The Love Boat:

1. When you are in new place, you are discovering a new love.

2. Giving others a chance is giving yourself a chance too.

3. Pushing your boundaries and comfort zone helps to expand your social skills.

The Love Boat puts into people a new discovery of romance within. It is more of an avenue and a new channel for people to get to know each other. Even if it’s not a boat, a special place or resort will also serve the purpose.

Be on the Love Boat the next time it sets sail. Bon voyage.

The 7 Essential Understandings of Leadership

May 5, 2007

Whenever you take on the role of a leader, there are truly essential factors you have to understand. The lack of in-depth comprehension will present cracks in the path to your achievement as well as potential for things to fall apart.

Hence, the essential understandings listed below is utmost important. It is not just about knowing, but real understanding which reflects wisdom of a leader.

The 7 essential understandings of leadership are:

1. Understand your current situation and its changes.

2. Understand the direction you want to go.

3. Understand the resources and challenges you have.

4. Understand the people you lead.

5. Understand yourself.

6. Understand how to fit the above 5 Understandings into an overall grand plan.

7. Understand how to persuade, motivate and inspire people to act.

These understandings must be present for a leader to be truly and throughly effective. The greater and grander the task, the more they must be well understood.

The elements are not designed to be hurried but to be applied only after careful consideration. They are by no means easy to understand yet every single one of these understandings can be acquired. History have been paved with leaders who attempted to exercise their powers without all 7 understandings, failure usually await them.

Understand these essential understandings, and you will understand how to lead others to excel beyond excellence.

Best wishes!

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Be Interested In People

May 4, 2007

Just got back from Batam, Indonesia, after giving a talk at a major company’s retreat event. Over there, I got to know quite a number of the staff from the organization. Friendly people I must say. Their faces were beaming with joy and they laughed aloud as I shared with them “Communication Between Men and Women at Work”. We had a roaring good time…

How often can we talk so directly about the opposite gender? And learning with depth?

To many people, work can be much of a toil and a chore, a hassel much avoided. Yet they had to do it because…’work is work’. Even after work, some have to pull their tired body to attend to personal tasks and errands that sometimes tax them so much of their energy.

How about this… while doing the task or work, be interested in people. Pay attention to people and give energy to relate to people.

When it came to be about people, most people (pun intended) started to shift into a different psychological and emotional state. They become relational in their minds and react in accordance to their preference of that person.

Given the proper environment and positivity, people start to beam with joy and glee, just like the group yesterday.

When you start to be interested in people, you’ll find that you’ll get to:

1) Make your life more interesting

2) Gain new perspectives of life and of issues

3) Expand your network of friends and resources

4) Uplift your spirit, when you are positive about them

People do have a special way to relate to another people. Its an ability all human beings have… only if you let yourself have it.

Communicate well. Live to Excel.

Don’t Seek To Be Perfect

May 3, 2007

Yesterday I was speaking at a ministry together with another trainer, Linda. The topic was about “The 5 Sins of Speaking”. It was about how we should be aware of the sins we commit during the course of our communication. This is all the more so because many of us don’t know the existence of these ‘sins’ in our speeches until someone pointed out to us.

But yet, there will be those who are so cautious that they had to make sure none of the sins exist before they can present their first speech. In their presentations, they want to leave no room to fumble. They just want to be perfect.

On the other hand, there is another group who see themselves having so many sins and errors in their speeches that they deemed themselves unworthy to even step up to the stage for their speeches. They think they are beyond hope.

In between these two extremes of idealistic situations, there lies something called… reality. Here are the realities of speaking…

1) There is no perfect speech.

2) You can always get better.

Every speech you hear has its own flaws. Some are obvious, others are hidden underneath. Nonetheless, things don’t always happen the way you want them to be.

At the same time, as long as you are willing to correct yourself, you can always improve. As you improve, your speeches will always get better, but you must want to put in the due diligence.

Hence, as you decide to speak, or not. Remember this key to excel beyond excellence:

Don’t seek to be perfect, seek to be better.

Enjoy your speeches!

Where Is Your Labor Taking You?

May 1, 2007

Another Labor Day, another holiday.

Have you ever asked yourself,” Where is your labor taking you?”

“Are you a step closer towards your goal? or are you further? Or.. Have you decided that you are not going to that goal and has changed?”

Where is your labor taking you?