Through The Looking Glass

After a few days of Employability training, Time and Stress Management workshops and reservist in-camp, I am back for a short while over the quick weekend. Recharging and writing training notes for the coming courses before I return back to camp soon.

It’s interesting to notice how the pace and perspectives of life can change. From romper room to rumble jungle, from tie and suit to green uniform, its like stepping through the looking glass and into another world. A whole new universe.

When Alice got herself into the other dimension, she encountered adventures she didn’t quite expect. My life is an adventure to me as well. The different directions that unfold before me give me that sense of exhilaration. Its never quite what you expect, yet its the very unpredictability of life that excites and drives me… to do better, to excel beyond.

When we step through our own looking glass, we may start to find another world, a universe beyond our usual comprehension. It challenges us and our normal perceptions. It may also cast away our common doubts and start exploring a new way of life, of living.

If you want your life to be an adventure, step through the looking glass. Put yourself into another uncommon situation. You may find yourself excelling beyond your wildest dreams.

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