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Is There A Jungle In Your Mind?

June 10, 2007

As I prepare to return to my reservist camp in a few hours’ time, I remain focused on the program for the coming week. I will be gearing up in being ready for the upcoming field exercise a week from now… to face a ‘jungle’.

Throughout the next 7 days, lots of things have to be done and sorted out in an instant. Its a jungle out there.

At the same time, another jungle appears within us when many issues crop up unexpectedly. With time pressure, the stress mounts and frustration abounds. We then live in another jungle, one that is within us. A mental jungle, that is.

When the thoughts in the mind get scattered all around, it’s tough to make sense of anything. However, if we take time to organize our mind, putting them in the right places, then the jungle can see the sunlight instead of being buried thick with overbearing trees and bushes.

Every time I clear my mental jungles, I use all the tools available to help me: time stoppage, resource listing, serviceability levels, action planning, etc…

I work at them and chop down the cluttered ends. Soon enough, the light permeates through the otherwise unseen sky. Solution befalls and issues resolves.

While we cannot totally influence the outside environment from turning into a jungle, we can definitely disallow the weeds from growing in us and the disorganized tree branches from shielding us from the light.

We have the ability to clear our mental jungle. Takes time, takes tools, takes effort, but it’s possible.

Is there a jungle in your mind?

Are you clearing it?

See you here in a week’s time.