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A Tight Time

June 16, 2007

A rather short weekend for me. A tight time of rushing as I booked out of camp only to book in a few hours later. Yet, in the midst of planning and preparing my mind for the outfield exercise starting tomorrow, I have to maximize the use of my time for designing the courses that come.

Exciting isn’t it?

Hence, it is imperative for me to take the following steps:

1. Keep my mind clear and calm.

2. Sort out and list out the things to do, either written down or mentally (if you’ve a trained mind.)

3. Prioritize according to urgency and importance.

4. Set duration and deadlines for every single item to do.

5. Just to do.

6. Reflect and evaluate at the end of event for efficiency and effectiveness.

7. Make it even better the next time.

Since I’ve worked out the training tasks, it’s time to get to doing them.

Excellence begins here!