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What Do You Feed Your Mind With?

June 17, 2007

Just as our body need to consume food, so does our Mind. The mind feeds on thoughts. It allows these thoughts to grow and provide the drive and energy for our beliefs and converts into behavior.

What do you feed your mind with? Is it with toxics or tonics?

Every toxic thoughts we have puts us on the negative belief level, making our behaviors more destructive. The reverse becomes true when tonics are fed. Tonics nourish our beliefs and self-esteem. Our actions becomes more proactive and positively driven.

We must constantly watch our mind diet.

All right then, it’s back to camp in less than 3 hours and on to outfield exercise in ‘muddy mozzie’ land for the next few days.

Will continuously feed my mind well with tonics during this time. It’s the key tool and channel to live life better.

Think well to Excel.

See you again in 5 days’ time.