Awareness Beyond Awareness

As you contemplate and think about the various issues in your daily life, have you ever taken a step back and think,

“How do I know what I already know?”

“Why do I think the way I think?”

“How can I better move beyond what I am already moving?”

Interesting, isn’t it? This becomes an attempt to develop a sense of awareness beyond your current level of awareness. To look at things at the meta level.

When you perform a meta analysis of your awareness, you don’t just analyze. You want to be aware of the intention, the steps and the actions behind whatever you want to do.

You actually question and challenge your current awareness, resulting in growth of a higher, more in-depth awareness of your present state of mind.

Hence, meta-awareness presents these benefits:

* Allows you to analyze the strategy of why you do things the way you do.

* Detects and be more acute of areas you can fine-tune.

* Lets you mentally project into the future what might happen if you perform a certain action and what might not happen as a result of it.

So, right now, what are you aware of about your life? How do you know about this awareness? What makes you think you are right about this?

An awareness beyond awareness opens the channel to excel beyond excellence.

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